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Image1Many people arrested for DUI later learn they should not have submitted to field sobriety tests, portable breath tests, or questioning and that by doing so, they gave the police a legal basis to arrest them and suspend their license. That information, which you did not have to provide, also helped the prosecution build their case against you.

Unfortunately, the confusing legal web that has now entangled you does not stop at the point of arrest. You can still make huge mistakes mishandling your case, resulting in an unnecessary license suspension or restrictions and criminal conviction resulting in a mandatory jail sentence. That is, you can still make bigger mistakes by doing or not doing certain things as your case progresses. Mistakenly doing unnecessary field sobriety tests, breath tests and answering questions you did not have to, is only the beginning of the process.

Fortunately, if you made these common mistakes, our firm may be able to help reduce or eliminate the harm of those mistakes. If you continue to make mistakes, you may make your case unsalvageable. Remember, mistakes made later in your case can be more harmful than those in the beginning.

Don’t continue to make mistakes! Take advantage of our free initial consultation. We will treat you with dignity and respect while informing you of your rights and options.

Striving For The Best Results Possible!

Image2Our firm prides itself on not settling for ordinary or typical results. See Case Results & Testimonials. Even when our clients have made significant mistakes in the beginning of their case, our firm has been successful in helping our clients get their charges dismissed or significantly reduced. Our success has reduced lengthy jail sentences and even eliminated mandatory prison sentences. Our firm has even eliminated monetary penalties equal to or exceeding our fees.

Our attorneys are highly trained in Field Sobriety Testing, Breath Testing Equipment and Blood Testing Equipment. We have the most current Field Sobriety Testing Manuals in our office. We also have an Intoxilyzer Breath Testing Machine in our office, the same type used by law enforcement. Our training, skills and hands-on familiarity with all these tools, which law enforcement uses against you, allow us to pick them apart and expose all their weaknesses.

A DUI arrest does not have to wreck your life. We will do our best not to let it. If you contact us early enough, we likely can keep you driving and prevent you from having to appear at unnecessary or lengthy court appearances. Our firm can help you avoid taking time off work for court appearances and keep you driving to work. This is the second part of our mission: to guide you through the process as smoothly as possible with little interruptions into your life.

Again, this is an area where ignorance of your rights can result in a more than necessary stressful and frightening experience. Our experience and expertise helps eliminate you from having such an experience. We are here to help you live through the process smoothly and informed as well as get the best results possible. You should not have to go through this alone. Contact us help you.

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